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How to contribute to an open source project?

This wisdom will show you how to contribute to an open source project. Keywords: Github, MMO Game, Nodejs

2013-01-08, 10:14:05-2013-03-11, 11:07:55

Get the code #

Go to github and find your favourite open source project that you will be happy to contribute to. What about a game

I will contribute to "the new very addictive, open source , realtime MMO game." Here you can see the demo. It is a multiplayer game so for better experience invite a friend and taste the fun together. 

1. Fork the code to your github.

2. Clone the code to your machine. 
Use the command: git clone git@github.com:martakostova/node-thequest.git

Start the project locally #

In this section you will find how to start a nodejs project.
You should have installed:

1. start mongodb
I did this by running: mongod in a new console tab. This may be different depending on your operating system.
2. select the node version you will work with. 
I did this by running this command: nvm use v0.8.14

Tip. if you don't know what rvm is, better start using it today :) NVM
3. install project dependencies.
Run this command: npm install from the folder where the package.json is located.
4. start the server
Run this command: node thequest.js
5. see the game running
Open to your favourite browser and goto http://localhost:3000

Make the changes you want #

Add your contribution by improving the source code, images or whatever you want.

Make a pull request #

After you commit the changes to your repo, make the pull request. More info

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