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Camplight's contributions to open source in 2012

Camplight loves open source! Here we list all or most of open source projects we like, need, use and proudly contribute to.

2013-01-12, 06:17:18-2013-03-18, 04:56:09

Camplight.net  #

This is our interactive website

Here is the source code: github
Our website contains 100% JavaScript. We use nodejs and yes, we love new technologies. 

GAKU Engine #

Source code - github used technologies: Ruby on Rails and Backbone. It has fully automated tests coverage.
GAKU Engine [学園陣] is a fully open sourced, next generation, socially enhanced and super extendable school management system.

Node the quest #

basic version

Node the quest is the new very addictive, _open source_ , realtime MMO game. It was made as part of a free nodejs course in a Bulgarian hackerspace Varna Lab by Camplighter Boris Filipov
If you wanna contribute too, see this wisdom.

Winter version
This is a redesigned version made using Tree.js (open source JavaScript 3D library) by Camplighter Pavel Dobrev.

Impress.js #

Impress.js is a presentation framework based on the power of CSS3 transforms and transitions in modern browsers and inspired by the idea behind prezi.com
We used it to make our first presentation about Camplight. Here is the live demo and the code.

Node Organic Programming #

This is new programming paradigm inspired by nature. Most of Camplight's products was made using it.

Rexter realtime #

This is an experiment with neo4j and D3.js It is visualisation of the data stored in the graph db. By clicking you add a new node to the db. It is realtime - try it opening 2 browsers and add a new node or make other change. :)

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