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FAQ about Camplight

2013-02-03, 12:03:53-2013-12-17, 04:02:21

What is Camplight? #

Camplight is decentralized software company with flat structure, founded 17 January 2011. We believe that our model is next generation bussiness model. We try to improve it constantly using the ultimate freedom that such approach gives us. Most of us are in Bulgaria, but we are also placed in England, Denmark, Romania, Russia. Internet is our office. We use Trello as organisational tool while developing projects for clients, open source projects, as well as our products.

Why you'd love to be part of Camplight? (as a member) #

Members of Camplight can be, but not limited to: developers, designers, sys admins, project coordinators, client relations, content writers etc.

  • you choose what project to work on.
  • flat structure - No one can rush you to work on a project if you don't want. No managers on your head.
  • you have the right to participate in the company's decision making process
  • you choose your price on hour basis. As Camplight is transparent, you will know how much everyone earns.
  • you do the estimate. You plan how much time you will spend on every task. 
  • freedom to work from every place in the world. Camplight is distributed company, it has no such limits. You choose your daily time table.
  • no monthly salary. How much you will earn is your business. You have full access to all incoming projects and have the right to choose some or not. You choose how much time to be involved or not.
  • contract per project. You and Camplight sign contract only when you decide to join the team of a project.
  • get % of Camplight's in-house projects you work on.
  • work with highly motivated people
  • you have the chance to work in the first company in Bulgaria and in the world, which is made not for someone but for everybody's goodness. We believe in the good and do our job with much love and passion. We believe we (together) can bring our change to the world to be a better place for living.

Why you'd love to be part of Camplight? (as a client/partner) #

Our clients are various people and startups with brilliant ideas.

Camplight is a transparent company.
This means that you can track the whole process of developing your idea. This includes: 

  • everyday progress of your product
  • who is doing what and when
  • detailed task based estimate
  • full access to source code anytime
  • quality warranty 30 days
  • happy people involved

You love the idea? Spread the word. #

Please support us by sharing the idea of open business. Lets show the world the other way of doing things. Lets show this working flow of making people happy by not stealing their freedom.

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