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Collection of links about organic

2013-02-11, 02:59:08-2013-02-11, 03:13:36

Core & addons #

basic building blocks, improvements, experiments, addons and etc related to `core`


https://github.com/varnalab/node-organic - core

https://github.com/vbogdanov/node-organic-synapse - node-organic extension that allows direct messaging among organelles based on their addresses

https://github.com/vbogdanov/node-organic-plasma-multimatch - An extension to node-organic plasma, allowing persistent chemicals and matching on multiple chemicals

https://github.com/vbogdanov/node-organic-dinucleus - dependency injection nucleus

https://github.com/vbogdanov/node-organic-dinucleus4synapse - dinucleus support for synapse

https://github.com/vbogdanov/fsonA function constructing json-like javascript objects from directory tree. 





Organelles #

Web Cells #

current known implementations of apps based on organic and web-cell modules

https://github.com/camplight/camplight.net - web site

https://github.com/VarnaLab/varnalab.org  - web site

https://github.com/outbounder/organic-archconsole - web based/restricted shell app

https://github.com/outbounder/organic-docker/ - web/command line cell for generating & managing organelles documentation

organic-refractor (source to be disclosed) - web based development/productivity tool for refactoring projects, plug-able to archconsole

portfolio.camplight.net (source is private) - web based site 

moneyflow (source is private) - web based realtime app

edukami (source is private) - web based realtime platform, two cell types.

srp (source is private) - web based platform

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