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Camplight is creating value

My wisdom with 9 reasons why I considered coming in Camplight than getting a normal job

2013-05-09, 02:37:50-2013-05-09, 07:10:52

Income not for dummies #

"Earn income by providing value — not time"

I see there is something wrong with current businesses worldwide - they pay me salary for my time at the office. It's like they pay me to stay there and watch the monitor. What if I want to be somewhere else? And still do my job? What if I want to play games, go out with friends or travel somewhere? I can't because I have sold my time for company X.

This fixed salary is counter-productive. My work time is corelated with my current willing to work, my muse or my happiness. What if was less productive this month compared to the last? I get the same amount of money as the last and some rant from the boss... What If I'm more productive this month compared to the last? I get the same amount of money as the last and some tap on the shoulder from the boss. This income mechanism is broken and doesn't reflect today's living needs. With fixed salary I can easily "game the system" by working the last week of the month to fulfil my obligations. But the other 2/3 of the month I'm bounded to my chair, looking at my monitor regardless if I want to go out and play some frisbee for example, or be creative and create something else :) I don't like the fixed salary model for one other reason - it gives you a sense of comfort that you will get your next salary regardless of conditions. With this kind of attitude I think I'm becoming lazy, slow, my creativity vaporates and I'm staying in my comfort zone. In the IT industry this is troublesome because everything is changing every 6-12 months (technologies, frameworks etc.) and after 5-6 months on fixed salary I stop developing myself and just stick with doing the things I do best... It's counter-productive for me to have monotonous work.

In Camplight the income mechanism is not for dummies - I earn by providing value, not by giving away my time. It all depends on me how much value I want to create. Thus one month I may recieve X money if I'm feeling lazy(everybody have such months) and the next one I may recieve XXXXL money if I'm bursting with energy. There's no fixed salary :) I can even join some of the inhouse projects or contribute to some of the open source ones.

Unlimited experience #

In normal jobs you learn a lot in the beginning then stagnate with your skill set

I left my first job because I didn't have the oppurtunity to expand my skill set. I was game designer and I learned a lot about FPS, TPS, RTS and any other genre of games yet I ended doing game design for only web browser games everyday. My accumulated knowledge about other game genres was becoming dusty. It was monotonous. Yes, the first 5-6 months were exciting (just like my second job) but at the end I was doing the same thing which make me a little bit annoyed :) Maybe I'm oppurtunist and labor-maniac but I like to keep my brain busy and excited. That's why I quit my first job because I was stagnating which can be the dead of me if one day my boss decides to fire me and I have only niche skill set.

In Camplight I can be on many fields, developing a lot more skills than just coding or something like that. I can participate in company's decision making, I can be a part of a team, I can be business guy, marketing guy, I can try some design or some entrepreneurship (with projects from Camplight's incubator). It's my time - I can do whatever I want to. Camplight doesn't own my time like in some normal company. If I'm able to provide value I can get to unlimited experience bounded by my own imagination and creativity :)

No domestication #

In majority of other companies they give me orders and I obey

In Camplight I can bark! I'm serious! I like that Camplight have flat structure and open/transperant operation model. That's why I can express my thoughts without fearing I might get fired. Of course trying not to be rude is the key for normal polite communication.

In other older companies I don't have the guts to tell my boss that the latest strategic decision is not good. For hell, I sometimes feel that the management is too "high to reach" the normal way and I have to arrange a meeting with them just to discuss something. That's why I felt caged in my work domain, domesticated only to listen orders :)

Only my mouth to feed #

In normal companies my real salary may be triple the amount I'm paid

I don't like that in regular companies if I create value for some client's project I don't know how much is that priced. I get a fraction of the real money. That's because in normal companies I have to pay for the office space the company is renting, the investors the company has, the salary of others. So the money I'm creating are distributed across a large chain of things that needs payment and I'm at the end of that chain... The most annoying fact is that sometimes someone else is making my salary just like I do for others. This is not the way of how things should work.

In Camplight the money I get from client projects are the money I negotiated. Camplight is giving a % ontop on my final price for projects. So the final money I get are corelated for the value I created for both client and Camplight (called money bonus :)). I don't share part of my salary for expensive office because Camplight is completely decentralized and I can work everywhere I want. I don't share money for investors too - because Camplight is entirely self-funded.

If I want to share some of my money (like giving away my bonus to stay in Camplight because I got the income I deserved) it's entirely up to me! I like this feeling of power :) I think it all comes to "Help Camplight so Camplight can help you!"

Shared risk #

"The chain is strong as it's weakest link" .... Wrong! It all depends on the stress you're putting the chain in. It's not about the link :)

... and there's a lot of stress in normal companies. It's not my fault that my manager decided to take a project with 3 days to deadline because of the high payment... At the end I maybe the one to blame because I didn't finished it in time. What the *&#!?

I don't like the feeling of risk in other companies. I don't feel secure If I know that the only thing that is keeping me from being homeless is the strategic decision someone is making(the BOSS). It's not my fault that the boss has taken a project from untrustworthy client and that client is not paying the company. I don't feel secure if my manager/boss is not feeling good today and the only thing that can make him happy is saying "You're fired!". This is too much gambling for me to have.

In Camplight I'm a human being not some robot. I have my ups and downs. If I don't get paid it's because that was MY decision to work with the untrustworthy client. If I have some crazy deadline it's my fault because I didn't negotiated everything right. That's why I like that in Camplight everyone is understanding this and it's creating a great atmosphere of shared risk. For this reason Camplight organically happened to work only with cool clients who like the idea of doing business with open/transperant, decentralized and flat company :) There's too much risk in my life so I like Camplight's "network" of happy and fun people sharing the risk. At the end of the day even clients take risks for working with other companies. So the situation should be in win-win ratio for both companies.

The leadership #

Leader > Boss

In video games the Boss usually is the evil guy which the player has to defeat! This is no coincidence in my opinion.

Camplight is flat. What does this mean? There's no 3-4-5 layer hierarchy pyramid you have to obey. I like that in Camplight I can be a leader or I can follow great leaders to achieve awesome results and create some ass-kicking products. People say that pictures are worth 1000 words... I like leaders more than bosses and I will leave this picture to say what I have to say :)

No begging #

"Salary increases every 3 months" is bullshit

I don't like that I should wait for my boss/manager to decide that this month is good for salary raise. My other option is try to talk out my boss to give me a raise but how is this different from begging? There're a lot of ridicilous situations out there in the world including raise procedures. I know running business is tough but I don't think my raise have to do anything with the grow of the company. Income raise is just a procedure to keep me in the company while stucking stupid projects down my throat. It's a mechanism to keep my eyes close and maintaing attitude of "okay, I've managed to get this high salary and my living standart is great with the current status quo". Yeah, you know what? I'm sick of this - why should I work 1-2 years just to get to the high salary? Why I cannot do it from the second month? It's because I'm monetizing my time in regular companies more than monetizing the value I create.

In Camplight I have to work my "raise" by creating more value not by monetizing my time. I don't need to beg, don't need to wait for someone to decide to raise my salary. If I want to buy new snowboard next month I have to create value (I don't like savings). This control is great and I'm sustaining my dignity.

Social life richness #

1/3 of our life is for work. 1/3 we're sleeping and 1/3 is left for other things

This broken circle for monetizing your time is making my social life stiff. In normal companies I have 40h work weeks and my only social contacts during this time are in the office

Camplight is decentralized - I can work wherever I want. I can be in a co-working place, in a hackerspace, in my home, in some mountain cabin or in the park. It's up to me to decide how to enrich my social life during my work hours. I can change places because Camplight's office it's the "internet" :) So with every place I can have different people as my surrounding, working on different things (probably they will not even be camplighters), thriving with different things. This social richness is unmatchable compared to staying in some boring office for 1 year of my life...

Freedom #

"It takes a lot of effort to tame a human being into an employee"

So I think everybody is knowledgable about what it's like to be an employee.

The case with Camplight is that it's flat. I like it because this means that we have roles, not positions :) Our roles are based on our expertise yet if someone of us manage to create value with something different than with his current skills set, then he's free to continue doing so. No strings attached. If I don't want to be a coder this month, maybe I'll try with client relations, or marketing, or design?  Freedom, in my opinion, is the only thing that we have in order to stay creative and happy

Happily camplighter #

It's about the value that is created

Currently I see Camplight as creating value in two ways:

  • For clients through the camplighters behind it
  • For camplighters  through it's disruptive flat, decentralized, open and transperant model

And this win-win situation I think it's sustainable, even in crisis (where Bosses have more reasons to fire someone), enough for me to stay and be happy and share my wisdom about it because I wish I could communicate with other open and transperant people (not with egoists etc.) :)

And if I get sick of my freedom, dignity, social life and development I will write wisdom about it (probably I will be the first one in the world, so it will be interesting :D).

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